life with eleven

Hi my name is Lydia. I am one of eleven. I am 10 year old. Well it did not start out with eleven. It was just six kids. And then one night are mom and dad told us that we would be taking care of five more kids. The next  day they moved in with us.  It has been an adventure . It is not easy being one of eleven. We do not know when they will be leaving so we make the best of it. They have been living with us for a year now. I guess you want to know there names.  Kmg Adg jag kg jg . It is good sometime to be a big family. But  the house always gets a mess. I like a clean house not dirty . I sometimes like to claen.  But I wish out of the house .Are room was clean. But it is not .Me and my sister clean it most of  the time. I love all my family I am not  shore  if they love me . Again I’m sorry I was gone I was on a mission trip but I’m back and it is 2018 and I’m no longer one of 11 I am one of six they moved out on the December 27th and yeah it was a hard day I guess we learned on the 25th the day after Christmas that they would be leaving and so we help them pack their thing and the 27th they left and yeah I guess it was hard not having them with us because I love them for 18 months is kind of a I don’t know what you call it crazy but yeah I guess it’s just six of us and now me and my sister share room and it’s really nice only having two in a room now it’s actually clean but I guess I do miss them I see every Sunday sometimes and they stay with a friend at her house so yeah we get to see them it’s not like they’re gone far but I guess being with him for 18 months really makes you feel like their family but I mean I like they’re gone but I think they’re going to be back with their mom soon so that’s good but I think we’re still going to be able to see them and they’re still learning about God and everything so I’m glad but thank you all for following me and liking my post I know I haven’t said everything that happened in between 18 months I mean I only said the start in the Finish but I will post what happened all in between I probably won’t all be in order because it’s been a long day and so yeah but I will have it posted I’m going to try to respond to all of your likes and followers I will visit your site to so if you like this please just like my put push the like button and I will try to respond every day but it’s kind of a busy day so thank you all

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